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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

How technology is changing healthcare

Collecting clinical outcomes data is becoming a mandatory process. Providing this data, in addition to meeting treatment targets, has the potential to overwhelm clinicians and hospitals. A lot of clinicians are also concerned that if they do not take control of their own processes, then organisations will begin to do it on their behalf, which will pose problems with access to data and accuracy of data. Amplitude had a vision that clinician controlled and patient contributed processes were the way forward to collecting clinical outcomes. We design and develop simple, easy to use web-based software that collects clinical outcomes data for both NHS and private hospitals.

The data is patient-supplied and clinician-validated to ensure that patient outcomes are fair, representative and meaningful. There is no laborious admin; the software is designed to fit in with normal working practices to ensure maximum results are achieved with minimum effort. The software can be accessed from a PC, smart phone or tablet. When a patient is recommend for surgery, the surgeon’s support staff enter the patient’s details and operation date into the patient’s pathway on the software. The patient is then automatically emailed by the system and consents to data collection and completes their pre-op questionnaire scores. Before surgery, support staff check that the pre-op questionnaire has been completed and the surgeon enters the operative data into the system. After surgery, the patient is automatically emailed by the system to complete their post-op questionnaire scores at decided intervals.

The software comes in three packages; pro one is for individual clinicians wishing to collect data from all of their patients, both NHS and private, in one single platform. pro enterprise allows hospitals to easily and cost effectively track all patient outcomes across departments and specialities. pro registry is used by specialist societies to collect accurate data for research and analysis. All three products use the same platform, so if a clinician has pro one and is also part of a specialty that collects data with pro registry, the data can be streamlined across both platforms.

We work collaboratively with our customers to create processes that keep clinicians and patients at the heart of PROMS. The software can be set up to capture everything from Friends & Family and quality of life measures such as EQ5D, through to specialty and procedure or intervention specific tools and measures. Not only can the system capture PROMs, but it also puts them into context by linking relevant clinical data, including diagnosis, comorbidities and complexity factors.

Many of the consultants we have been working with were under immense pressure to start collecting clinical outcomes and they either did not know where to start or they had a process in place already but were looking for a better, time efficient solution.  Surgeons are now excited about the concept of collecting robust data to drive improvements in patient care.

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