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Who is Amplitude Clinical Outcomes?

Amplitude Clinical Outcomes is a globally recognised, independent supplier of software systems that capture and report clinical and patient reported outcomes data (PROMs). Amplitude is the leading supplier of electronic PROM’s to the British NHS, as well as being used by many registries in the UK and internationally.  The Amplitude platform is different in a number of ways. Not only does it collect data from patients, but it allows context to be applied to the outcomes, which allows the whole picture of a patient’s health from initial interaction, to post intervention, to be considered.

The Amplitude pro series has been designed by clinicians and developed by industry experts, to make the collection of clinical outcomes and PROM’s simple and part of the normal work routine, whilst also delivering clinically validated data that is useful and meaningful to stakeholders.

The Amplitude pro™ series; pro enterprise™, pro registry™ and pro one™, allows clinicians, healthcare professionals and patients to easily collect clinical outcomes and PROM’s, using modern web-based technology. The solution delivers high patient compliance rates and allows simple monitoring of a patients’ progress, supporting clinicians in delivering effective care.

We Are Unique

Amplitude ensures you have options, before you even know you need them.  You may only be searching for an electronic clinical outcomes software provider, but by choosing Amplitude you won’t be committing yourself to that.

Other providers may be able to offer a service, but only Amplitude can offer a single platform that collects your data, retains it locally and submits to the relevant national and international data-sets.

Our experience in the industry and our focus on collecting and reporting on clinical outcomes, means that we can anticipate your needs now and into the future.

Using Amplitude to collect and manage your outcomes data means you can stay or grow your submissions without needing to change or duplicate providers.

Why Choose Amplitude As Your Outcomes Software Supplier?


At Amplitude, we believe the best results come from working in partnership with our clients.  This approach allows both parties the flexibility & adaptability required to be successful in challenging fast paced environments.



With over 50 years combined experience working in software development for the healthcare industry and practising surgeons on-staff, we have the knowledge to understand exactly what you need, when you need it and the barriers you face.



Amplitude seeks to achieve excellence by paying attention to detail.  We draw on our expertise to deliver what our customers want, continuously ensuring that the products delivered are of the highest standards.



Why Are Clinical Outcomes & PROMs Important?

Clinical outcomes are a way to measure the effectiveness of treatments within a healthcare system. They are important as they help to monitor the reduction in symptoms and ensure that patients are getting the best possible care.

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) provide the patient an opportunity to give important feedback about healthcare procedures and allows clinicians to continue to monitor a patient’s health long after they are discharged.

It has become increasingly important to capture Clinical Outcomes and PROMs at all stages of treatment and many hospitals and clinicians are now mandated to do so.

Gathering the most accurate information is best achieved using a system where patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare providers work together to ensure that it can be used to improve services, treatment and the quality of care the patient receives.

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